Bob has 30-years experience in business communications as a consultant and as a function head within a major corporation.  He is a recognized leader in his field with breakthrough thinking in how to motivate employees and improve the flow of critical information up, down and across organizations, and serves on DePaul University’s College of Communication Dean’s Advisory Council.  Bob began focusing on workplace performance in the mid-80s while at Premark International, a spin-off from Kraft Inc.  This included developing and communicating the company’s corporate vision, defining and articulating roles and responsibilities between corporate and operating staffs, and engaging the organization during a lengthy turnaround period.  Following his work at Premark, Bob launched an award-winning workplace communications practice at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, served on the firm’s Management Committee, and managed the Chicago office.   Earlier in his career, Bob focused on investor relations and crisis management, which included handling communications for Jewel Foods after some 40,000 customers were poisoned with tainted milk, and supporting Johnson & Johnson in its first crisis involving poisoned Tylenol.  Bob graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in journalism.

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